Are you ready to make it through the multiple crises of these unprecedented times? The tools of Holistic Hardware are motivational life skills for transforming lives in crisis and for preparing individuals to successfully navigate through crisis times. The holistic tools will equip you to overcome any crisis, whether personal or social. The testimony-driven online curriculum imparts uplifting life principles and special strategies designed to direct and strengthen you to conquer your challenges and to intervene effectively with those whom these crises are hitting the hardest.

Holistic Hardware Tools are time-tested for over three decades to transition lives from brokenness to wholeness in various settings: homeless shelters, prison re-entry, substance abuse, job readiness, Bible studies, etc. Using Biblical and real-life role models, dramatic sketches and inspirational testimonies, the ten holistic tools focus on the key life skills that lead to effective mindset change. The goal is for individuals to apply this user-friendly, self-paced curriculum to transform lives and communities.

Here are some testimonials about the program, the clients, the tool and most importantly – YOU! Click here for more Testimonials.

Wayne: “simple biblical tool that allows people to train others in crisis”

Venus: “The tools really helped me to get my life on track…”

Roberto: “I’d been in jail and in programs and after a few days of associating with my old crowd, I’d fall. The association tool helped me to stay away.”

Julie: “I minister in the inner city in Minnesota…we draw people in crisis…The relatability of this program…the mentors get as much out of it as the mentees.

This 10-week course communicates real issues that participants need to address, keeping the virtual interaction on a level that everyone can understand.

In this season of raging crises, these spiritual and practical resources will equip you to build your own houses of personal progress and soaring success.

*All of the documents are in downloadable .pdf format (requiring Acrobat Reader to open). A free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader can be downloaded from

** Coaching Certification in Holistic Hardware is also available with mastermind coaching by Joseph Holland using the materials in an advanced training.