Are you ready for the crisis after the crisis? If you serve those who seem to live in continual crisis and chaos, you know that they are hurting now, more than ever. Once the hurricane effect of the current social and economic battle is over, there will be a need for Crisis Coaches to guide with uplifting life principles.

Joe Holland’s Crisis Coaching online course offers special strategies to prepare you to intervene effectively with those whom this crisis is hitting the hardest.

Holistic Hardware Tools has been successfully time-tested for over three decades to transform lives in various settings: homeless shelters, prison re-entry, substance abuse, job readiness, etc. This tool has proven to be a conversational can-opener that leads to effective mindset change. The goal is for churches and organizations to train the trainer to use this user-friendly and straightforward tool to transform lives.

Here are some testimonials about the program, the clients, the tool and most importantly – YOU!

This 10-week course communicates real issues that participants need to address, keeping the virtual interaction on a level that everyone can understand.

The Crisis is Here! In this new economy and social structure, those most impacted by the crisis will be empowered and the trainers equipped with holistic tools for success.

*This coaching course contains all of the materials needed to successfully conduct a Holistic Hardware crisis training. All of the documents are in a .pdf format (requiring Acrobat Reader to open). A free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader can be downloaded from

** Certification in the program is also available with mastermind coaching by Joseph Holland and other supportive materials to individuals and organizations.