How to Register?
Simply click on the registration tab and select your category.

Creating your Login:
Remember to check the “remember me box” on your personal device for easy access to you account.

How to get Started?
Once you create your login, click the box that says ”remember me” for easy return each week.  You will be prompted by the “Start Here” button.

How to Navigate site?
There is a drop down toolbar that displays the tools for returning users.  The course must be taken in order.  Member Links is your navigation center, where you will find the replays and documents needed for the course.


How to Use the Forum?
Under your Member Links tab, you will see a forums option with a drop down. Select Forum FAQ. There are a number of threads

How to create a profile and upload a picture?
Once you have created your login, go to Member Links. There you will see the Profile tab.  Select this option. Once on the page, you simply fill out the fields and upload your photo. Please only use a photo of your face against a plain background.

Where do I email discussion guide sheets for certification qualification?

When can I start training?
This is a rolling admission. You can begin the moment you join.  You will have full access to all of the features. The system will track your progress and if you select trainer certification, you will be invited to join one of the certification celebrations that happen three times during the year.

Is this site for the Trainer & the Student?
This site is for both. If you sign up to be a trainer, you will have access to both the Leader tool kit and the student tool kit. Regular participants (student) would only be able to access the student tool kit as they work along or with a certified trainer or independently.

How can I use the materials once I’m certified?
As a certified trainer:

  • You benefit from accessibility to the materials for a full year (whether you signed up for a year initially or upgrade to a year).
  •  You will be able to work with participants remotely, online or in person or in a small group.  It is designed to function in the virtual space, easily.

*The participants (student) would access the course through a monthly subscription.

** If the church or organization wants to offset the cost to the student, they can sign up for that package. This package includes login keys for the participants. Details in the registration tab.

What does certification mean?
The H H Program has over 30 years of proven success across the nation. As a Certified trainer:

  • This certification attests to your level of achievement in the Holistic Hardware program.
  • You will be listed on the website as a verified trainer of the program
  • You may legally use the HH platform for training and branding
  • You are able to train other leaders, as well as new student participants.
  • You will also be listed in the directory and accessible for students in need of trainers.This also provides you with discounts, (commissions and perks for the Business Trainer).

*The coaching program is a deeper dive and separate from certification.

What’s the best approach to study?
The course is designed for you to do a module per week: 10 tools in 10 weeks. However, it may take you a month to master a tool or you may want to come back and refresh a concept. It truly is a self-paced study.